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♦ Good impression     ♦ Friend     ♦ Shizuo will now KILL FOR YOU.
♦ Neutral    Weird
♦ Bad impression     ♦ Enemy - will be attacked     ♦ Kill on sight.

[ profile] brightvesperia

When they met over the Xtransceiver, Shizuo thought she was making fun of him, what with her 'other worlds' blabbering and curtsying. He was in a rage at the moment, and isn't used to kindness from most people. The encounter ended with Estelle in tears though she was just trying to help him. Shizuo had since figured out that she only meant well, and felt guilty over the encounter. However, he was able to apologize, and while things are a bit awkward, Estelle is the one person he is currently getting along with in Unova. He didn't like how she used her Audino's heal pulse to calm him down during a fight with Nepeta, but she did remind him that violence was bad, a sentiment he wholeheartedly agrees with.

[personal profile] withmyfluffbat

An irritating, loudmouthed little girl who doesn't think before she speaks. When Shizuo arrived in the Entralink, she was one of the few to greet him... If greet is the word to be used. She yelled at Shizuo for scaring Petilil, and told him that he wouldn't be able to survive without a partner, none of which he appreciated.

[personal profile] pokeball_afro 
Miror B

At first, he seemed well-intentioned and informed Shizuo about the Pokemon world. Miror even offered to help Shizuo leave. However, the civil discussion was soon ruined when Miror began insulting Shizuo, who flew into a rage. Growlithe attacked Miror, Lombre attacked Growlithe, and Miror and Shizuo are now enemies. Miror reminds him a bit of Izaya, frankly. Which is not a good thing.

[personal profile] overbite
Jade Harley

The two met when Jade's Growlithe ran up to Shizuo's Growlithe in the Entralink, intent on playing. Jade talks too much and is adverse to his smoking, which gets on Shizuo's nerves. However, other than that, he finds her tolerable. She seems like a fundamentally friendly person.

[personal profile] purrsnickety 

Part of the scum of the earth. Her Sneasel killed the Pidove that had pooped on Shizuo's head in Nuvema Town. While he had been angry at the Pidove, slaugther was out of the question. The fact that Nepeta defended her Sneasel certainly didn't win her any points either. The two got into a fight which Estelle ended, and Shizuo has since decided to avoid Nepeta lest he fly into another rage.

[personal profile] natsumetakashi 

A little kid who can't control his Meowth. Shizuo met him in Striaton City when Takashi's cat Pokemon decided to take swipes at his cigarette. They later met again in the Striaton City garden, where Takashi befriended a Munna. He seems like a good kid.
[personal profile] trainerhomu 

A girl Shizuo met in his dream. She was a bit annoying and confusing, but helped him fight Izaya.

[personal profile] eeveedispenser 

A man whose dream of a peaceful, Pokemon-filled garden Shizuo stumbled into. There was a cute Clefairy there.



 [personal profile] extremelucidity 

A little girl. Shizuo helped explain why she arrived in Unova, to the best of his ability at least.



 [personal profile] noplaidshirt 

A girl whose delicious-smelling dream Shizuo wandered into. She's pretty relaxed and seems to like salty foods.



 [personal profile] emmet 

A really weird man who appeared in Shizuo's dream with wings. He seems really cheerful and wanted to be Shizuo's friend, but something seems off... Is apparently a "Subway Boss."



 [personal profile] cuteponytail 

A girl whose high school dream Shizuo wandered into. She's overly talkative and not too intelligent. She insisted on giving Shizuo nicknames, though throwing a desk out of a window quickly put an end to that. Still, she didn't run away, which was really weird.





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