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Out of Character Information

Name:  Yume
Contact:  Aim: Raiizer
Current Characters:  None

In-Character Information
  Shizuo Heiwajima
Series:  Durarara!! (The anime, since I can't read the novels without knowing Japanese x3; )
Canon-Point:  Episode 25. Shizuo is tricked into being hit by a truck by his nemesis, Izaya Orihara. When he lifts up the truck, he finds himself in Unova.

History: Shizuo grew up in a normal family and was living a normal life. That is, until one day, his brother Kasuka ate his cup of pudding. In a rage, Shizuo picked up the refrigerator, intending to throw it at his brother. To his surprise, he actually managed to lift the heavy machine. However, the strain of carrying it was too much for his little body, and he ended up in the hospital. After that, whenever he got upset, Shizuo would try to lift a heavy object and throw it. Every time he got sent to the hospital, his body got stronger.

A woman who ran a bakery noticed that Shizuo always seemed to be getting hurt, so she gave him and his brother some milk, telling them that it would make their bones strong. Shizuo seemed to develop a little crush on her, seeing as he had rarely experienced other people's kindness.

One day, when he was walking by the bakery, he saw that the woman was being harassed by a gang. In a blind rage, he completely destroyed the gang, but also ended up hurting the woman as well. Horrified, he ran away and never returned there again.

In high school, his friend Shinra introduced him to a boy known as Izaya Orihara. It was hate at first sight for both of them. Shizuo's hopes for a peaceful high school experience were shattered. He found that despite his reputation, he was always being attacked by groups wanting to defeat the 'Strongest Man in Ikebukuro.' Eventually, he realized that it was Izaya who was sending these people after him. Throughout the years, the two would always be at each other's throats, and Shizuo would try to kill Izaya each time he saw him.

Because of his temper, finding a job was difficult for Shizuo. Holding the job was even more difficult. He always ended up being fired when he lost his temper. Eventually, he got a job as a bartender, and even managed to hold it for a while. His brother Kasuka bought him some bartender outfits, hoping that Shizuo would finally stick with this job. Unfortunately, Shizuo was eventually arrested for a crime he didn't do. Unsurprisingly, it turned out that Izaya had something to do with that. Even though Shizuo was found innocent, he was fired from his job as a bartender. However, he still dresses as a bartender.

Shizuo eventually found a job working as a body guard for his middle school friend Tom. Tom worked as a debt collector for a dating site. The job suited Shizuo well, seeing as how the mere mention of his name was enough to make most people pay up.

Shizuo hated his ability because it alienated him from others, and in his rages he could hurt those he cared about. When he ran into the Saika army, a large group of civilians possessed by a demonic sword, he was able to find some acceptance for himself. The army claimed to "love" him for his strength. However, it still wanted to fight him. Soon after Shizuo defeated the army, he ran into a teenage girl. Though she annoyed him, he managed to keep from punching her. Happy, Shizuo realized that he was beginning to gain some control over his power, however small it may be.

Personality:  Shizuo's base personality is quiet and calm, not bringing much attention to himself. He looks rather unremarkable, other than his strange choice of dress. When he does speak, he does so in a short, to-the-point matter. He likes sweets and dairy products. He dislikes bitter foods. All in all, not someone to take a second look at, most would think. That is, until something or someone ticks him off. Shizuo has a very, VERY short fuse, and when he loses his temper, he's lost in an uncontrollable rage, usually ending in large, heavy objects being tossed at the source of his anger. This habit has made him greatly feared in Ikebukuro. However, despite his destructive strength and tendencies, he hates violence. Shizuo tries to control his temper, but he rarely succeeds. What he really wants is to live a calm, peaceful life. Luckily, despite how volatile he is, he can cool down as quickly as he fires up.

Because of his short temper, he doesn't have many friends. He can seem unfriendly and scary, but really, Shizuo is a nice guy. He just has severe anger management problems. If he doesn't recall you at first, which can happen if he met you during a busy brawl, that's probably a good thing because it means you have not made him angry yet. For those who can avoid ticking him off and get on his good side, he can an extremely loyal person. When Celty Sturluson, one of the few that he can get along with, told Shizuo that someone had stolen her head, he immediately promised to kill the person for her. He didn't even need to bother considering the person's identity first.

Powers:  Super strength. Humans have the ability, when in danger or times of high stress, to unlock their full strength and do incredible things. This ability is usually limited to dangerous situations to prevent serious injury to the muscles, but Shizuo can use it at will. His abnormal strength allows him to do things humans normally wouldn't be able to. He could even lift a truck, with some effort. 20% of this would bring Shizuo down to somewhat above average human strength. He wouldn't be able to throw vending machines around anymore, but he would be able to do so with smaller, lighter objects, such as bicycles, mailboxes, motorcycles, and some people. He also wouldn't be able to throw anything really heavy as far as he used to. A block away? Not anymore. Try several feet.

High pain tolerance. Even when he was shot and lost consciousness, he woke up and thought that he had merely slipped and fell in the rain. It took Shizuo a while to realize that he had even been shot at all. In another instance, he was stabbed in the hand with a pen. He merely looked at the pen, showing no signs of pain at all. Here, he would definitely feel pain from an injury. Less so than a normal person, but it would be there, though he would still probably try to ignore it.

Starter Pokemon: Petilil (Mostly because I think aromatherapy would be hilarious and I don't think this world would want him to have a pokemon that would help exacerbate his violence)

Writing Samples
First-Person Sample:
  Ugh... Huh? What the hell? This isn't Ikebukuro...

Tch. What did that flea do?

Izaaaayyyaaaaa! Where areee youuu? Come out so I can

Third-Person Sample: 

“….” After calming down from his earlier rage and reluctantly concluding that Izaya was nowhere to be found (though this was still the damn flea’s fault), Shizuo noticed two odd things. Firstly, he had a weird new watch thing on his wrist. He didn’t know what it was, and poking around on it didn’t yield many results. It was a watch, he guessed. Eventually he decided to chuck it. He wasn’t keeping something of the flea’s on his person.

 The second thing he noticed: Something was following him around. A small, green and white thing with leaves sticking out of its top. It didn’t take him very long to notice it. Shizuo crouched down and stared at the blobby creature.

“What the hell is this thing?” He grunted, scowling. Was it a plant? Was it an animal? He gave one of the leaves on top of its head a sharp tug. “Petilil!” The thing cried in protest, squirming away and freeing its leaves. It ran away from Shizuo, but then turned around to give him another look and soon cautiously inched closer again.

“Tch.” He supposed it was an animal, then. He had never heard of a plant speaking. “Quit following me around, will you?” Shizuo said as he stood, taking out a cigarette and lighting it. The thing was beginning to annoy him.




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